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'Giving While Living' Analysis (Living Legacy)

This analysis is designed to assist a family in determining if there are available resources to fund their charitable interest. The analysis quantifies the financial impact (if any) on a family if they have a desire of increasing their current annual giving. We typically make our charitable donations by writing a cheque or donating cash. Due to recent favourable tax legislation, the donation of assets, particularly at the time of a sale can decrease the amount of taxes paid, or increase the amount received by charity. The analysis will recommend the most tax efficient method of funding your charitable interests. .

Your Philanthropic Planning Service will include:

1. Giving While Living Statement:

 Part 1 – Charities Interest Review – Designed to assist us in creating your present day and future Family Legacy Plan.

a.       Charitable Involvement – Financial and Volunteerism

b.       Charitable Focus & Style

c.       Family Legacy Values, Plans and Desires

d.       Estate Transfer desires

Part 2 – Capacity to Give Review – Designed to assist us in establishing available resources to fund our charitable interests. 

a.       Net Worth

b.       Family Legacy (Estate & Estate Tax)

c.       Annual Giving of 10% of income

d.       Lump Sum Gift of 10% of net worth 

Sample 'Giving While Living' Analysis



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