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Estate Tax & Philanthropy Planning 

Studies have shown that families are interested in learning more about philanthropy. Before philanthropy will play a meaningful role in the estate and financial plans of most families they must first identify available resources. The purpose of the Estate Tax & Philanthropy Planning Report is to analyze your current estate distribution and quantify the amount of taxes that your estate will pay at your death. Most families are uncertain as to the amount of their net worth that they will lose at death through taxes; some are under the impression that as Canadians we do not pay estate taxes. The Planning Service will include:

Your Philanthropic Planning Service will include:

Part 1 – Charities Interest Review – Designed to assist us in creating your philanthropic plan.

a.       Charitable Involvement – Financial and Volunteerism

b.       Charitable Focus & Style

c.       Family Legacy Values, Plans and Desires

d.       Estate Transfer desires

Part 2 – Estate Tax Review – Designed to assist us in determining your current and future estate tax obligations and options available.

a.       Your current strategy - Pay the tax bill using existing assets.

b.       Strategy 1 - Eliminate the tax bill using existing assets as a charitable bequest.

c.       Strategy 2 - Eliminate the tax bill using life insurance as a charitable bequest.

Sample Estate Tax & Philanthropy Plan


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