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Philanthropy White Paper:

The legacy that you leave 
is not just the wealth that your heirs inherit.

Your legacy is the part of you that lives on in the hearts and minds of others after you are gone.  It is the influence you had on your family and loved ones and the impact you had on society. 
Families desire and need assistance in transferring their life stories, values and social legacy to those they care about today rather than waiting till the end of their life.  Families want to experience the "good work" that their life's effort has achieved, while they are still living and around to see it.  The defining common values by which we identify ourselves as a family, and which shape our family mission, find their most meaningful expression in our charitable endeavours.
Philanthropy not only instills in each of us an active, day-to-day connection to values and ideals that transcend our own personal goals and concerns, but it unites us across the distance of time to future generations of family members.  The survival of our families involves more than the management of assets; it requires that our families grow together, as individuals and groups, and the financial resources be applied to strengthening the group spiritually as well as intellectually, preparing each person, in turn, to give back to future generations.

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